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Freitag, 4. Dezember 2009

Tits not allowed

From my baby age I am used to run around naked in the nature. When my tits started to grow, my parents wanted to hide them. I started a "trim-away-training" and, after 3 years, I was back in nature.

saggy nipples

Hey guess how old I am? Looking at the saggy nipples, you can tell I am not 18, yet, I love my absent tits, nipples is all you need!

Irish are cute

Hey lads, I am from Ireland. Aren't we Irish chicks cute?


Sorry for being so extremely flat, for having no tits at all. I hope my smile compensates your deception.

Sonntag, 29. November 2009

Not allowed to sex

My father keeps me attached and wearing a chasity belt. He says, as long as I have no tits, I am no woman, and as long as I am not a woman, I can't have sex.
Well, I am 19 now, and still got no boobs.
Strange, but I don't want big fat tits, fighting against gravity, I want perky tiny, cute handy tits, just like I got them, only my dad's treatment is a bit disturbing.

Yes, I am a girl

I constantly have to tell ppl, "yes I am a girl" and "no, I never was a boy".
"No I am not a transvestite"..
I cant walk around showing my cunt to everyone!

Take me or leave me

I have heard, that there are men, who simply like big plumpers. Well, I am offering you here hi-res pictures, now toom to my nipples, and tell me you don't want to suck them.